5x06: “Confidence Women”


November 11th, 2019

59 mins 26 secs

Season 5

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Frank and Tim dive deep into the secret past of Lena Luthor and Andrea Rojas. How far does the Leviathan conspiracy go? Why can't Frank stop slamming doors in Tim's face?

Check out Chari's email:


Hey guys,
First off, I want to thank you guys for the amazing podcast you bring every week.

I just started listening to S5 E5 podcast and got to the point where ya'll said the mail bag was light. So I thought I would send in my theory for where I think Crisis is leading the DCCWverse. Lol

We are already loosing Arrow and I'm sure the other shows can make
it a few more years, but they will eventually have to come to an
end too. It's already been announced that they are going to be
doing a Canary/Arrow 2040 spin off. But I'm sure the writers and
producers ideas will not stop with with that. With DC being more
and more willing to allow their characters to appear in live action
on the small screen, I don't see the Arrowverse going anywhere for
a LONG time. So below I layout what I think could

Instead of the inevitable killing off of all these shows, why wouldn't they use them to spawn new shows in their place when the time comes. Kinda like what they are doing with Arrow and the Canaries. Have them slowly working them in.. We could start with Crisis killing off Arrow, but have the "Canaries/Arrow 2040" to take it's place. Eventually leading to the Star City 2049 that we've already seen.

I'm assuming that in Crisis, Earths will merge and we will get
Supergirl (and maybe even Black Lightning) on Earth 1. We could
have one or two more seasons of present day Supergirl and then
start a new series of her in the 31st Century following her actions
as part of the Legion (along with Brainy, Mon-El, Winn, Dreamer
& Jon).
Flash would then "flash forward" to 2040 as well and we would have
"Flash 2040" with all aged up characters, their kids, Bart Allen,
and the origin of Thawn.
Then there is the new Batwoman show. So far it's been a bit of a
rocky start, but there have only been few episodes so I'm sure it
will get better. I see us getting a few seasons of this show, maybe
3-5, to introduce us to her, her team, and Gotham. But where would
this show inevitably lead to? The future NeoGotham spin off and the
first live action Batman Beyond.... If Crisis doesn't introduce us
to him first....
Now Legends on the other hand is a completely different beast that
can exist in any time. Were Canaries/Arrow 2040 would be the
foundation of these future shows. Legends would be the glue.
Weaving in and out of all the shows and sharing episodes with them
all. Still trying to keep time in order. I would hate to see this
happen but, I could even see this show being dissolved and the cast
becoming "guest stars" on the other ones throughout the
Black Lightning is now into its 3rd season. Although I absolutely
love this show and what it brings. I don't see it lasting more than
5 seasons as we see it now. I predict that this show will be
brought into the future too, but only under a different name as
"Static 2040", with the Pierce family making appearances or even
being main cast members, as part of his team. Season 4 & 5 of
Black Lighting could be Virgil meeting Jefferson and him being
taken under his wing. Or who knows, Virgil might be a meta on Earth
1 that Black Lightning will meet during

With these time jumps in all of these shows it would still be
possible for the major crossovers, that we have come to know and
love every year, to still happen. So there would be no worry on
that part.

The Crisis could be the start
of the new generation of shows and we are so enamored with it that
we haven't slowed down enough to realize/think what is/will/could
be happening in the near future.
Thanks for reading all this and I cant wait to see what the future


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